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Adom FM Apologises To Ernest Opoku On The Nayas Attack


The Nayas and Ernest Opoku brouhaha is an annoying one but we have to talk about it anyways. Barely 48 hours ago, the Nayas woman reportedly lashed the goodness out of the gospel artist all in the name of their banal indifference.

I have tried asking myself how and why any human being could dish out such a barbaric act and be made to go scot free.

If I were Ernest, I would have beaten her in equal magnitude with enough severity to wake her sense but I am not him so— is what is good for the geese not equally good for the gander?

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The incident happened at the studios of Multi-Media, Adom FM to be exact and the management has issued an apology letter.

“All times, guests on our premises receive necessary protection. In this particular case, which is a one-off, a well-known guest, unfortunately, abused the privilege afforded her. Our sincere apologies to Ernest Opoku once again.

“We appeal to all visitors to our premises, especially public figures, not to abuse access rights that are offered to them.”

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