20-Year-Old Married Lady Who Slept With A 13-Year-Old Boy & Had A Baby With Him Exposed

A young married lady who slept with a 13-year-old boy and had his baby has seen her bad deeds brought to light.

This 20-year-old lady identified as Leah Cordice from Windsor was studying child care while working at the local nursery.

Per the report, on the day of the incident, she drunkenly walked into the boy’s bedroom where he was playing computer games and pulled down his trousers before having sekz with him.

The incident never stopped as it was also revealed that she continued having unprotected intercourse with the boy twice a month for a year, even while she was pregnant and after she gave birth to a girl.

Her husband earlier believed the child was his but a later DNA test showed that the schoolboy was actually the father, and this was revealed at a hearing at a Reading Crown Court.

The boy in an interview with the police said;

“You are supposed to have sekz and, like, love each other. It was just like, she just wanted to do it. Now I feel like she did not really care about me.”

The jury also heard how the woman went to the boy’s house drunk in January 2017 and pulled his trousers down while he was playing computer games.

Source: www.ghgossip.com