3 Music Awards Scheme could possibly grind to a halt if the obstacles facing them in their debut season is not surmounted.

Sadiq Abdulai, the CEO of 3Music Awards told George Quaye on Starr FM that they struggled to get sponsorship for the event and and this made them run into debts.

“Getting sponsorship for entertainment events are very difficult. A lot of companies do not put effort into sponsoring entertainment events”.

“If we fail to secure funding for the event next year, we may put it on hold because we even run into losses after the first edition this year,” he told George Quaye.

Apparently, Mr. Sadiq made this revelations after Joselyn Dumas took to twitter to complained about the delay in payment of after hosting the show together with rapper D-Black.

But according to Mr. Sadiq it was not deliberate and the organizers are very much aware of the money owed her.

He pleaded with Joselyn Dumas to give them some time as they had run into losses and were trying to sort things out.

Source: www.Ghgossip.com

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