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5 Ghanaian Songs That Will Make You ‘THINK’


This list catalogs some Ghanaian songs I believe contain profound messages that would seize your faculties and provoke you to carry out the message it transmit.

There are a lot of songs that I can I choose from but these are the ones I settled on.

#1. Ewiase- Sarkodie ft Obrafuor

The theme of this song is predominantly found in the chorus, sang by the legendary Obrafuo is really profound. Listen to Sarkodie as he weaves the lyrics seamlessly around  the theme.

#2. Sika- Trigmatic

Anytime I listen to this song I literally shed tears; yes, I weep! The song speaks directly to my heart and it makes me have a wider view about life. Trigmatic is a very good songwriter and I’m still wondering why he’s underappreciated.

#3. One of your own- Efya ft Bisa K.Dei

This song is sang in English so you don’t have struggle to wrap your head around the theme. You listen to song all the time but you have never thought about the deep message it carries.

#4. My Life- Trigmatic

This is another thought-provoking song from Trig. Great rap. Great message. Great Everything!

#5. Big Dreams

Wutah’s Big Dreams is arguably one of the Best Hip-life tunes of all time. The title alone should tell you why it qualifies to be on my list.


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