Unexpectedly, the interesting feud between Bishop Daniel Obinim and Kennedy Agyapong which distracted us temporarily from the ravaging coronavirus has ended prematurely.

Before that, we were served with accusations and counter insults from both camps but we unanimously agree that it was Kennedy Agyapong who substantiated his stance with hard facts and that perhaps culminated the end of the fight as Obinim chickened out and apologised.

Here are some of the facts we captured from Hon. Kennedy Agyapong which show Obinim is indeed a fake pastor.

#1. He cunningly took bars of gold from a church member under the guise of praying over it and kept it to himself.


#2. He physically manhandled a 14-year old daughter in the full glare of his gullible followers which on a normal day would have earned him a date with the police.

#3. He sleeps with women of his church, and there’s one video that popped up to that effect.

#4. Caught on tape saying he drinks the blood of pregnant women and kids.

#. Deals in money laundering.



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