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5 Songs That Prove Kojo Antwi Is The Best Ghanaian Musician Of All Time


Honestly I don’t know which superlative to use to describe Kojo Antwi. He’s just an amazing musician and I think Ghanaians should be so happy God gave us this treasure.

He’s a great lyricist and skillful in waxing his musical words to affect the very core of your emotion. It’s not for nothing that ace broadcaster KKD, heaped praises on him and declared the best songwriter in the whole of Africa.

Here’s what he’d said:

If you look at penny lover and how that song was written, if you look at sail on down the hall and how the song was written and how the content of the lyrics delivered then you would see that there is mastery in song writing.

Then there is the other business of mastery in producing which he is also gifted in. And then there is mastery in singing which both Kwadwo Antwi and Daddy Lumba are gifted in but songwriting and producing, Kojo is head and shoulders above everybody else in Africa apart from Nana Kwame Ampedu.

There are several of his songs I can use to substantiate my opinion but I’ve selected just five out of the lot.

Just hit play.


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