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6 Celebrity Weddings That Took All Of Us By Storm- We Just Cannot Stop Talking About Them


Let me not even start with the negativity surrounding celebrities. So much negative news that we gladly write about because honestly, it drives traffic and pays the bills.

Oh, and the relationships and marriages are nothing to write home about. Cheating scandals here and there, reports of abuse up and down. If you look up to most of them in the marriage department, you’re in for a major disappointment and it’s 2018 so we don’t have space for that in our lives.

There are a few good ones out there however and our focus today is on those. Those celebrity marriages that make you wonder if indeed they are celebrity marriages because honestly, no scandal raises our eyebrows and makes us more inquisitive.

Relax and flip through some of the celebrity weddings that got us all talking. As they have always said, they are old but still very golden.

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