Onions are accepted and used worldwide by many people for the preparation of food and its medicinal purposes. Here are some medical values of onions that yow may not know.

  • Onions contain Vitamin A, C, mineral salts, calcium, magnesium, sodium, etc. for body functions and immunity. It also contain chromium which assists in the regulation of blood sugars.


  • Onions keep the heart healthy by producing good cholesterol, (High Density Lipoproteins -HDL), for body uses. It also reduces the level of cholesterol and substances that is involved in the development of cardiovascular diseases in the body


  • Onions can be applied on sores when mashed and put on it for healing. You can mix clay and honey  and put it on the sore. It can also heal boils and tumors. Applying onion juice on pains and insect bites brings relief from pains and burning sensation.


  • Onion juice are used for dandruff and hair breakage. Apply onion juice on the scalp of your head for 30 minutes and even more if you can bear the scent. Wash it thoroughly with shampoo and do this regularly. You can also mix the onion juice with your shampoo for fifteen days before applying it on the scalp of your head.


  • Onions help calm down stomach constrictions and it prevents constipation. it makes it easy for you to free your bowels without any difficulty. You can also take onion juice mixed with garlic as a de-wormer.


  •  Onions help to reduce the risk of stomach cancer in humans and it is good for the intestines, kidneys, bones upkeep and functioning.

No part of onion should ne thrown away as a waste.

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