In this article, we would be taking a look at seven times some wicked house helps brutally murdered their employers in Nigeria.

Hounvenou Yavine

The 18-year-old, Hounvenou Yavine committed the said crime in 2014. He was subsequently arrested by the police after the incident. He allegedly killed his 78-year-old boss known as Mrs Mariam Abiola.

Joseph Ogbu

Joseph Ogbu killed his own boss two days after he started work. His boss was known as Oreoluwa John and he committed the atrocity after they had an argument. He allegedly stabbed his boss and this even resulted in the death of his mother.

Tanko Abdulateef

Young Nigerian guy, Tanko Abdulateef was arrested when he was 22. He was arrested in 2016 after he allegedly stabbed his boss who was a lady whose name was Mrs Mabel Okafor.

Anna Amos

She is the youngest of all the names we are talking about. Her name is Anna Amos and she committed the atrocity at the age of 14. She was working as a housemaid with a lady Madam in Benin, Edo State. She reportedly killed her with a stone after which she said she was possessed by a ‘spirit’.


Speaking after the incident, she said;

“I do not know what entered my body. It was a spirit. It told me to go and kill her. She did not offend me.”

Raphael Jaja

Raphael Jaja was killed his boss who was a naval officer by name Lieutenant Abubakar Yusuf and his girlfriend who was known Lorraine Onye in 2018.

He allegedly strangled Lorraine Onye and stabbed his boss to death and set the corpse of his boss ablaze. Giving his reason for committing the crime, he said that his boss allegedly refused to give him his 15 months salary but was able to pay his girlfriend’s rent of 300k and buy an expensive phone for her.

Leudjoe Koyemen Joel

Leudjoe Koyeman Joel allegedly stabbed his boss, Dayo Adeleke to death in her home in 2016. The lady was even about to get married and was preparing for her wedding only to get stabbed by the boy. Per what we gathered, she was killed after she refused to give the houseboy a 2-weeks salary advance that he had asked.



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