Ghanaian social media personality and Former HIV/AIDS ambassador, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah has claimed that almost all the men she had something to do with sexually were HIV carriers.


Joyce Dzidzor who has been trending on social media for a few days has finally opened up on her sex life and the men she has had intimacy with. In an interview with Ibrahim Kwarteng, Joyce Dzidzor said that she feels betrayed by Ghanaians and expressed her disappointment in Ghanaians for not appreciating her and all the sacrifices she did in the past.

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Joyce Mensah also stated that she never lied about her HIV status even after she quit being an ambassador. She added that about 90 percent of men she slept with were carriers of the virus and for that matter, she never infected anyone with the virus.

I am still strong and beautiful as a result of how good I take care of myself.” She told Mr. Ibrahim Kwarteng. This comment from Joyce Dzidzor comes after she tested positive for HIV on live television a few days ago.

After Joyce tested positive on live television, she has cried out that she would love to go back to her old life without people pointing fingers at her.

“My children are going through a lot, they cannot go to school; I recall one day my son came home from school saying that I should stop the HIV project because they call him the ‘AIDS boy’ in school.

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“Just recently, my daughter, who got admission into a school, was sent home because according to a mail sent to me by the authorities they read on the internet that I have HIV. My question is should a child be denied access to education because of HIV even if it is true?

“Yes, I made a mistake by taking on this task and I didn’t know it will hurt my children this way. My children do not have anything in their blood. I want my life and my children’s back and that is why I am going to all these lengths to clear the air.

“I have not stolen any money like has been rumored, my children have a life to live, they should not suffer for a decision I made,” she said in tears at a presser at the Press Centre in Accra on Wednesday, June 2.



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