We never knew musician cum politician, Kwame A-Plus can be this romantic until we came across his heartfelt message he sent to his wife, Akosua Vee on the occasion of her birthday.

Akosua Vee and A-Plus tied the knot last year in a colorful but simple wedding in Accra. The celebrity couple barely flaunt their love on social media but the sharp-tongue politician decided to break protocol and celebrate his wife on this special occasion.

He wrote:

Happy birthday Ako. I want to wish you all the love and happiness in the world, all of which you deserve. Your friends are my friends.


Your enemies are my enemies. From A to Z!!! Wati manim ankasa. Enti na me y3 wo show saa no…. 3nkasa!!! @akosua_vee #kwameaplus#halfmanhalfbosom #owuomposuro#gyenyame.

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