Some three students of the Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko(AAUA) have achieved a significant feat in the world of robotics as they have built a robotic dog.


The students are of the Physics and Electronics Departments of the University and they came together to share ideas on how best they can make a robotic dog as their final year project.

The names of the students are: Aiyegbeni John, Adeyi Stephen and Loiki Charles

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See reactions gathered from Nigerians:

Holadokun: I dedicate this to all young talents out there!. Also Adekunle Ajasin University Students and Alumni.

Siggynigeria: This is really innovative. Kudos!

dollynnn: Waoh! Quite impressive! We are getting there

amSTARboy: Make Calabar man no jam dis 1

christejames: This is highly innovative, this are the kind of people and projects the government should support in our tertiary institutions. I will advice the government to create a trust fund for such or make TetFund to look into this aspect of educational growth.

Innovation is the key to critical transformation of any nation… Oops! I forgot we still have an education hater at the helm.

HitlerGaddafi: There’s a difference between building and assembling.

Vulcanheph: Since this is just prototype, there was absolutely no need for him to waste time in making look lifelike (he’s an engineer, not a visual artist)….. He could have just concentrated in making it able to move well, take and understand commands commands etc.

But all the same he tried… Kudos to him.

TheSourcerer: So what does the robot do?


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