Supercop Abba Kyari has changed his story from being a tailor for Hushpuppi to being a debt collector claiming he only acted as a debt collector for him.


Abba Kyari has been accused by the FBI for taking a bribe from Hushpuppi in relation to his fraud case in the USA and reacting to that claimed the money Hushpuppi sent him was for African wear he wanted him to purchase for him.

Abba Kyari days after being dragged over his claims of purchasing African wear for Hushpuppi and that is why he sent him N8 million has now come out to change his story claiming he only acted as a debt collector for Hushpuppi.

According to him, Hushpuppi only sent him the N8 million to recover a loan from someone who owes him and not for him to arrest anyone as the FBI alleged claiming no one asked Hushpuppi any money as he sent it himself.

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Abba Kyari then added that Hushpuppi can be interviewed by the people holding him in custody for the whole world to know that he didn’t take any money from him but rather was helping him recover an N8 million loan someone was owing to his friend.

Abba Kyari then deleted the post on Facebook after some netizens started backlashing and trolling him for not knowing what lie to put up again while trying to defend himself from the allegations leveled against him by the FBI.

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