In the message shared, Bobrisky confronted Halima Abubakar on Whatsapp and called her a dirty broke girl. According to the message, it seems Bobrisky called Halima Abubakar earlier on and fired shots at her before sending her the insulting messages.

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It seems Bobrisky lost his cool on Halima Abubakar when she blocked him on Instagram. According to Bobrisky, someone drew his attention that he has been blocked by Halima which is why he came to her WhatsApp to rain insults at her. The main reason or issue that led to Halima blocking Bobrisky on WhatsApp is yet to be known.

In the latter message, Bobrisky was seen apologizing to Halima for raining insults at her. Halima has taken to her page to disclose how she felt and what happened to her after Bobrisky rained insults at her and called her dirty and broke. According to her, her Blood Pressure shot up, and was hospitalized. She also disclosed that she went through depression.

Read her message below…..

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“Bobrisky you left a scar in my heart. I hope you happy now? I didn’t even tell tonto, to show you, I had nothing against you. This was 2019 when I was in the hospital. My Bp was super high. Let me pour out my heart. You hurt me. These are just a few of your messages.

Everything you said, about your own, friends are evil. I kept it. I told you if you people kill me, you will rest. I was depressed. I was violated. I was maltreated over what?



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