Popular Nollywood actress, Nneoma Okoro, in a recent submission recounted what actor, Ramsey Noah did the day she tried to seduce him.

She labelled that moment as awkward as well as stimulating.

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Sharing her encounter, she said it was during the production of a movie and she was made to act a romantic scene with her idol, Ramsey Noah.

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She said;

In the movie ‘Levi’ shot in 2017 in Enugu    she was supposed to be the A-lister actor’s nurse, a night nurse with a script to seduce him.


“I remember having scenes where I seduced him. Tension nearly killed me but thanks to him. He noticed and asked the director for a 20 minutes recess on my behalf. He called me outside and took out his phone and showed me a super hilarious video on YouTube which we saw together and laughed over.

Ramsey knew I hadn’t worked with him before, so, it was natural to have tensions and he made it way easier for me. I respect artists that understand their craft well enough, their fame will always go far. Prior to then, I had always wanted to work with Ramsey Nouah, having watched him as a kid while growing up. It was a dream come true.”



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