A few days ago, the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) suspended actress Queeneth Hilbert from movie scenes for breaching a contract between herself and Demek Movie production.

Explaining her own side of the story, the lawyer of the actress has aired her grievances through her lawyer to the guild. According to her, she was not given the opportunity to defend herself before she was given a suspension by the AGN. Queeneth has fired back at the executives of AGN over their refusal to give her a fair hearing and also suspending her over what did not do.

In the letter sent to AGN by the lawyer of the actress Queeneth Hilbert, she disclosed that Demek Movies was running two productions at the same time with an A-list actor that she was supposed to co-star with in one of the productions.

Queeneth stated in her letter that the producer, Solomon Apete was more focused on the other movie and the lead actor for the second movie was never present because he was on the second production, which made the shooting of the movie difficult.

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Excerpts from the letter sent through her lawyer reads:

“(I) Our client discovered that one of the A list Actors to co-act with her was retained by the same producer in another movie being produced at the same time.
(ii) The producer, more interested, in that other movie always pulled off the A Actor and made it virtually impossible for our client’s job to take off smoothly.
(iii) Our client had the bad experience of being brought to the set only to wait and do nothing. She has a video of some of the crew lying down doing nothing.
(iv) Our client informed the producer in writing that in spite of the deliberate delays from them, she must be offset by 3rd June 2021 to attend to an extremely important appointment fixed before the time the contract for 7 days, for the movie Production, had been fixed. Thus she added an extra 3 days to make up for the delays from the producer. She further promised that she would return in a week time or less to complete whatever remains of the scenes. It is vital to note that by the time our client left Production, she had completely delivered on over 90% of the contract.”



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