Veteran Kumawood actor, Kwaku Twumasi has claimed that renowned actor, Kofi Adu who is widely known as Agya Koo has no one to blame but himself for his dying career.

According to Kwaku Twumasi, Agya Koo is the orchestrator of his own downfall from grace in the industry.

He noted that after Agya Koo rose to fame, he began to monopolize the comedy role in movies and as a result started making absurd demands.

Kwaku Twumasi also disclosed that Agya Koo could decide which parts of a movie to shoot, when to do it and even how he wanted to do it.

Aside from these minor demands, Agya Koo will sometimes go to the extent of taking out scripts from the production that he felt was not good enough for him.


His as well charges became very outrageous as compared to his other colleagues.

This gave producers a hard time as they thought it would be better to start casting younger talents who were less expensive and made fewer demands when it comes to the production of a movie.

Kwaku Twumasi finally added that it was just a business decision that they had to take and in business, you always have to do what is best for the business to ensure that it continues to grow for a long time.


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