Ahoufe Patri has reiterated her message on her relationship with colleague actor, Kalybos.

She says she has no romantic relationship with him and he is just a brother, of course from another mother.

“Right from day one, we kept telling you guys that there is nothing going on. Kalybos is practically my brother.

“As a matter of fact, he says I will be his ‘best-man’ when he is getting married so I think that’s the relationship we have now.

“Kalybos never made a move on me. I remember when I was in [level] 100, I saw him and I was like that is a cute boy, he is always being that funny person and he is very hard to miss and so all the girls liked him.

“Maybe I’m a good actress yeah because you can’t say…. I would like to give myself the fans because anytime Kalybos Boys Kasa is your boy, Kuami Eugene music video is your boy, so maybe I make it look real enough, but no.”

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