Ghanaian actress, Akuapem Poloo could spend three years in prison if found guilty as she’s processed for court today.

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Born Rosemond Alade Brown, Akuapem Poloo has hinged her brand on controversies but she took things overboard recently when she decided to dig into her element and toss it in our face with impunity. The mother of one completely went n£ked in a viral photo she shared on social media just to commemorate her son’s 7th birthday on June 30.

Her action broke the internet like she wanted but backfired spectacularly as Ghanaians and Nigerians on social media couldn’t forgive her for being so careless and ‘endangering’ the life of her son. According to the police, Poloo faces two charges of indecent assault to wit and obscenity and could be jailed up to three years or more if found guilty.

On why she went too far with her little prank aimed at giving her the fame she craves for as always, Poloo said, said “We all know that I’m an artist and anything I post on my wall is just an artistic impression, it’s a message out there. I always try to send a message out there as a mother so whatever I posted today was an artistic impression. I’m not trying to portray porn on my page. I can’t do porn with my son. I even bath always with my son, I bath him, we bath in the bathroom always.


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What I want to say is I was trying to send a message to kids and children and even grownup people who don’t regard their parents especially their mothers. Some people will see their parents out there mad, naked and because they are naked, they will run away and they won’t take care of their parents, they won’t cloth them. so what I was saying is no matter how nakedful you see your parents, don’t run away from them, get close to them and cloth them, that was what I was trying to say. Nakedness doesn’t mean the person is topless or whatever, someone can expose someone and that means the person is naked, that was what I was trying to send out there because I’m an artist and it was an artistic impression I posted out there but not porn but all the same I will want to say that I’m so sorry if I hurt or anyone got hurt with my post this morning and also want you to know that it wasn’t bad intention, I was just trying to send a message out there”.



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  1. What Akuapem polo has done is uncalled for and uncultured Reply

    What Akuapem polo has done is uncalled for and uncultured

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