The Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference has stated unequivocally Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s famous promise to protect the public purse should he become the president of Ghana when he was in opposition is a big fallacy.


In a news report sighted on 3News, the President of the Conference, Most Rev. Philip Naameh, said during the 2021 plenary assembly in Wa in the Upper West Region, that the performance of the Akufo-Addo-led government so far leaves much to be desired.

He said what Ghanaians are experiencing by way of governance is a contradiction of what they were promised, a situation he said the government does not seem to care about.

“Though poverty stares us in the face, it appears lost to those with power. The expressed commitment of the president of the republic to protect the public purse, a promise that citizens welcomed, seems to be an illusion now”, he said.

Most Reverend Naameh also raised serious doubt about the government’s position in fighting stinking corruption.

“Are those managing the public purse not concerned about waste and misapplication of resources that belong to all Ghanaians? Can this be referred to as irresponsible use of power or the lack of compassion and empathy?”, he quizzed.

He again advised politicians not to take the will of the people for granted because “those who are entrusted with power that comes from our collective will must know that what they do with that (power) shapes what we all will become in the future”.



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