As the world is doing everything to finally get a vaccine for the deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease, there seems to be a new breakthrough.

The breakthrough revolves around using blood plasma of recovered Coronavirus patients to help treat new patients.


So far, a religious group in South Korea – Shincheonji Church of Jesus have indicated that about 4,000 of its members who have recovered from the disease are willing to donate their plasma for the treatment.

According to the Church founder identified as Lee Man-hee, the church has internally urged all recovered members to donate their plasma, which is badly needed for Coronavirus research, according to a report by Reuters.

The response has been positive as most of the recovered church members are willing to donate their blood plasma and they would like to do it as a way of thanking the government.

As we speak, the National Institute of Health has indicated that about 185 people have presented themselves to donate plasma.


South Korea health officials have also stated that in the absence of other treatments or vaccines, plasma therapy may be a way to decrease the death rate and reports suggest that about 17 South Koreans have received the experimental therapy.

The treatment involves using plasma from recovered patients with antibodies to the virus and this enables the body to defend against the disease.

In Ghana, the National Blood Service (NBS) has also made such a statement that Ghana is ready to prepare convalescent plasma (CP) from recovered COVID-19 patients for transfusion, as empirical treatment, for persons in life-threatening conditions of the infection, according to a report by

This was revealed by Dr. Justina Ansah, the Chief Executive Officer of the National Blood Service, adding that the intervention was based on a research that patients who had recovered from disease outbreaks such as COVID-19, had robust immune response to infections.

Well, maybe this is the breakthrough the world really needed. We hope it comes out successful!!!



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