AMG Armani has denied having a relationship with Akuapem Poloo asking her to pull down the photos and videos of them together as it’s creating problems for him.


Akuapem Poloo a few days ago posted photos and videos of herself with AMG Armani claiming they are in a relationship making it look serious that they have something romantic going on between them convincing those who doubted it that it’s true.

A video from AMG Armani shows that they are in no relationship claiming he has met Akuapem Poloo just a couple of times and they recently met at the gym where she asked for photos and he obliged but has no idea why she posted it with such caption.

According to AMG Armani, the post of Akuapem Poloo is causing problems between him and his girlfriend who thinks he’s cheating on her with Akuapem Poloo but that isn’t the case and he has no idea what she wants to achieve with what she did.

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AMG Armani then asked Akuapem Poloo to pull down the photos and videos on her page and ask bloggers who have also posted them on the pages to delete them because there’s nothing going on between them as she has claimed.

Most of us were doubting what Akuapem Poloo shared since we know she’s the kind of person that likes attention and was waiting for AMG Armani to react and his reaction just confirmed that Akuapem Poloo lied about their relationship.

video below;



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