A former die-hard fan of Ghanaian rapper, Medikal and AMG Business group has announced his disassociation from the fan group.


The young man who had tattoos of AMG Business written on his face was seen in a video denouncing AMG Business as he stated that AMG Business is neither for his father or his mother hence the reason why he has erased the tattoos on his face and neck.

Despite citing this reason, it is unclear the motivation for removing the tattoos after being a staunch fan of AMG Business. Perhaps he may have realized that supporting AMG Business has not added any value to him financially or has improved his life for the better therefore he is better off without the tattoos which was a demonstration of love for the AMG Business forerunners, owned by businessman and rapper, Criss Waddle.

The video was shared by blogger, Those Called Celebs who captioned;

“Travel n learn more ….this makes de difference…..every tattoo gotta hv a lifetime meaning….whiteman won’t just wakeup n tattooed something on them without any tang!ble reason…..now u regr€t abi?? 😆😆😆❤….everything i draw on my body serves as remembrance to me …..so must u….mo nsua nyansa moate?? 😆😁”



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