Founder of Perez Chapel Internation, Bishop Charles Agyinasare has cancelled men who abuse their wives, emotionally, physically and mentally. He condemned them and branded them as ” cheap and weak ” men.

The father of 3 and husband to the beautiful Mrs. Vivian Sena Agyinasare made these wild accusations due to the growing reports of husbands beating their wives to show their superiority or strength in the house.

He adressed this issue to his congregation which turned the whole church service into a cemetary ( absolute silence ).
He said:

“Your wife offends you, you can’t forgive her; ‘I’ll show her where power lies’. And some weak men, your wife misses her words, you slap her; you’re a weak man. Your strength is not in slapping your wife; if you slap your wife, you’re a weak man”

He explained that, a husband’s strength is not measured by how merciless he can be on his wife but how he can still show love and affection even in the face of marital adversity


He further educated the men that:

“You’re strong when your wife has insulted you and you look at her and you can put your hands in your pocket and say: ‘Look, you can say whatever you like but I still love you’. That is when you are strong. A strong man doesn’t beat the wife, so, stop being that cheap man; only cheap men beat their wives. Only cheap men”.

He touched on men who abuse their wives emotionally. He condemned that act totally.

He said:

“Your wife insulted you, so, you, too, you’re insulting your wife: ‘You are smelling’. A man, you’re insulting your wife that she’s smelling. Shame on you! I said what: ‘Shame on you!’ You don’t tell your wife that; you honour your wife, you respect her. She’s smelling and you want to make love to her”,



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