Relationship coach, Blessing Okoro has sent some harsh words to people who are fond of judging people by their dressing.


According to the controversial relationship coach, if judge an individual by her dressing then you are daft.

She stated that clothes are just costumes it does not defined a person. Using herself as an example, she said her outfits are an expression of her mood and individuality.

In our African society, people are very particular about the kind of clothes others wear. You are judged if you choice of dressing doesn’t align with what they believe in.

Ladies have been at the centre of this as they are mostly judged especially when they put on short clothes.

They are labelled prostitutes, irresponsible and other just become they are wearing what they feel like wearing.

Blessing Okoro’s post reads;

“My outfits is an expression of my mood and individuality.
If u judge people by their dressing then U are a daft ……

Some of my favorite collections.
Clothes are just costumes it does not defined a person”



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