Apostle Johnson Suleman
has reacted to the decision of the federal government to prosecute anyone still using Twitter after they banned it.

Apostle Suleman who has been on the neck of the federal government ever since Lai Mohammed held a press conference to address Twitter deleting a tweet of Buhari has once again slammed them for planning to prosecute twitter users.

According to Apostle Suleman, how did the federal government access those who are still using Twitter if they themselves aren’t doing the same and now want to prosecute them for doing exactly what they are doing?

Apostle Suleman went ahead to ask whether a deaf and dumb person puts on an earpiece that they who claim have banned Twitter are going to access those still using Twitter and prosecute them by using it themselves.

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The federal government is bent on prosecuting those who are still using Twitter in the country and the only way to do so is to access Twitter themselves which makes them guilty as well and that is what Apostle Suleman is trying to say.

To Apostle Suleman and countless others who agree with him, the federal government is just as guilty as those who are secretly using Twitter after it bans because they are also secretly using it just like the entire nation.

screenshot below;

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