Social media influencer, Archipalago is still taking the flak following how badly his Megye song is performing on social media.

The song has been trolled by Ghanaians after it got 7k thumbs down and a mere 300 thumbs up on YouTube; the number is varying as at press time.

With this feat, the Ghanaian social media influencer has made an unwanted record as the only ‘artist’ in the world with more ‘dislikes’ on YouTube than ‘likes.’

Ghanaians, including some celebs have trolled him savagely for making ‘history’. Chief amongst the trolls happens to be boss of AMG Business, Criss Waddle who claimed Archipalago’s wack song is the cause of the former President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe’s death.

To rub salt into his wounds, a social media user identified as Awura Abena has reported Archipalago’s “Megye” song to YouTube as a song promoting terrorism.

And Hip-life Grandpapa, Reggie also thinks the song is not worth listening and that was when Palago decided to tear into him for the apparent disrespect.

Palago to his IG platform to diss Reggie for poking his nose into his affairs.

He wrote: Send this message to Reggie Rockstone and the rest huh 💪🏿💪🏿  am am am am am M M M M me meme me me #Megye is indeed a tremendous hit song #megyechallenge #Legendary #PalagoMufasa # FaNe10



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