The violation of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre(GIPC) law on retailing is clear that foreigner can’t do retailing because is been reserved for the citizen.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the board chairman of Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), ING. Kwesi Abeasi, said that it is unfortunate that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought a serious effect on the economy but not only in Ghana, but the whole world at large.

He mentioned that for this purpose the government of Ghana quickly the case by adhering to the WHO protocols for screening, isolation center’s, the closure of the borders and other various measures in observing public protocols, and also have the details of the spread through contact tracing and the community spread that has also helped the government interventions to take that serious measures on the pandemic.

He added that the economic impact on investment opportunities was a huge one due to the fear, panic, and emotional threats that developed the situation.

“We are in normal time but the use of our mobile application is helping some business to work from home, but not that effects on our GDP” he lamented.

Seriously, it has really affected all the sectors from investment economical and the households as a result of lockdown, as nobody was expecting this pandemic and a lot of business was at a closure, which is a big challenge to the economy and investment at large.


He reiterated to the fact that the actual direct marketing affects all the company’s need to go out and come in to see what is happening over there.

According to him, the closure of the borders really affected goods, services, and the people are not moving from one place to another because of the restrictions and this allows the handling of country to country tracing contacts.

He noted that the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AFCFTA), and biding the foreigners from retails business in Ghana.

ING.Abeasi said that the Africa Free Trade Agreement is another way of Economic and Investment opportunities in the country and Africa at large.

AFTA has boost the local market growth with a robust foreign exchange on imports and exports.

He charges the GIPC, Security agency, and ministry of trade and industry to immediately enforce the GIPC law that bans foreigners from retailing and also make sure they arrest and prosecute any landlord who gives out his property to foreigners for retailing.

“Let me make it clear is a crime to lease your property to foreigners for retailing” he warned.

He is appealing to GUTA to stop taking the laws into their own hands by closing down the foreigners’ shop and attacking them, he urges GUTA to desist from such practice.


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