Following the ban from the VGMAS and stripping them off the awards that both Shatta wale and Stonebwoy won on the night by Charterhouse,  Shatta Wale is still speaking.

According to him, Artistes would work hard all night for some few people to make money out of their precious God given talent just in one night.

He posted on facebook,

I care about the lives of my fans and can’t stand this people making us artiste hating,fighting and envying ourselves every year for nothing and I mean nothing …

If we are awarded with plaques and huge sums of money and even houses like artiste will not misbehave and feel superior over each other

But you work hard all night and some few people make money out of this precious God given talent just in one night …

Naaaa !!! Not me Shatta Wale …


We all got to eat !!!!

He continued,

A man once told me : shatta you like to forgive people to much and after they back in to your life and they take advantage of you again … I have learnt my lessons … I tried ,I sat with them and accepted their offer to invite me on the board again but not knowing the had their own agenda.. My fans pls don’t go diss nobody on their wall and pls don’t share things on your wall about other people if it negative because we are a movement with positivity..If its not Shatta Wale that you truly say you love,pls and pls don’t otherwise I will block and delete people like that out of my friend list .. With all respect !!!! 
Thank you !!!

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