The assistant headmaster of Prempeh College has allegedly been caught on a tape which was filmed secretly lashing the hell out of some students.

This video is going viral on the premise that the regulatory body which superintend Ghanaian schools, the Ghana Education Service has warned teachers not to enforce corporal punishment in schools any longer.

The Ghana Education Service [GES] in a statement signed by Director-General of Ghana Education Service, Jacob A. M. Kor, once warned teachers to desist from corporal punishments in both public and private schools in Ghana.

The Service is of the firm belief that there are different ways by which pupils or students could be punished, citing for instance, giving students assignments to do while their mates are playing during break time among others.

However the brutal fashion with which the man was canning these students has aroused much annoyance amongst some netizens who feel it’s so wrong for the man to violate the rules and subject the students to abuse.

Unsurprisingly, some feel it’s good to cane the kids because without this form of disciplinary measures, they will go wayward.




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