BBNaija 2021 housemate, Saga is really having a difficult time in the house and it is due to the ‘disappearance’ of Nini.


Nini has disappeared from the house to have some solemn moment. She was given the chance to have this moment after she complained to Big Brother that she is exhausted.

She was then given the opportunity to have some time alone as she went out of the house through a secret door.

Upon realizing Nini was not in the house, the housemates led by Nini’s love interest, Saga started a search for her.

They searched all the rooms but didn’t find her and this got to a point that Saga decided to sleep in front of the diary room to force Big Brother to open the diary room to verify if Nini isn’t stuck in the room.

It is now morning and Nini is still nowhere to be found, and Saga is still not of himself. During their usual morning routine workout session, Saga looked confused as he lost his concentration during the workout.

As his fellow housemates were seen doing their exercises, he was seen standing and when he couldn’t stand anymore, he went to lie down on the bench.

Watch the video below;



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