Cross, a Housemate, revealed that he nominated WhiteMoney and Nini since it was a game and he was only naming names.


During a conversation in the diary room with Biggie, Cross said that he had no ulterior motives about nominating WhiteMoney and Nini.

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His session’s high point is as follows:

CROSS Diary Session

1} I’m feeling ok and trying to take every day as it comes.

2} Sunday’s eviction made me sad because my friend Jackie B left.

3} I nominated WhiteMoney and Nini because it’s a game and I’m just calling name.

4} I would choose the HOH to veto power because I would like to stay in the lounge.

5} I have been swap twice and I don’t like how it feels.

6} My mind told me yesterday that I was going to win either the HOH or VETO POWER.

Meanwhile, Pere, a BBNaija housemate, expressed his unhappiness by claiming that his fellow Housemates have a practice of hoarding food that is supposed to be freely available in the house.

During his diary session today, he stated that he felt okay when he woke up this morning, but that he became upset later.

I woke up feeling good but now I’m angry because I am discovered that housemates are hiding foods that are meant to be free in the house”, he said.

He also expressed surprise that Jaypaul couldn’t survive eviction. He added that Jaypaul is a young man that is very talented.

“Jaypaul eviction came as a shock to me because he is very very talented”, Pere added.



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