Nini expressed her joy by assuring her live-in boyfriend, Saga, that her partner outside the house would be proud of her for obtaining the veto.


Nini, who had been targeted for eviction, was saved for the week after winning the veto power in the HOH games the day before.

Saga, her on-screen boyfriend, had congratulated her on her win and expressed his pride in her.

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“I’m so happy for you“, he said.

Nini said that her boyfriend outside the house would be so proud of her in response.

My boyfriend will be proud of me“, she replied.

Meanwhile, Big Brother Naija housemate Cross has expressed his unhappiness at being nominated as a prospective eviction housemate.

Cross stated emphatically that he is tired of playing the game since it is hurting him. Spending eight weeks in this place, he claims, is not an easy match.

Nini got the veto power and the ability to help someone escape eviction during the HOH games yesterday.

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She saved herself, though, by substituting Cross for eviction. During a conversation with Pere, he revealed that Nini is unconcerned about putting him up for eviction.

“I don’t know why Nini put me up for eviction. I understand it’s all a game and it is fine. She didn’t even bother to check up on me after putting me in a difficult situation”, he said.

According to Cross, this will be the second time he would be facing eviction even though he was not nominated by other housemates.

“This is the second time I would be facing eviction and I wasn’t initially nominated by the Housemates. That shit hurts when you think you are safe only for a Housemate to put you up”, he added.



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