Nengi has suggested to Ozo they fraternize with the other housemates as she feels they have been isolated and self-centered enough.

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Speaking with Ozo last night, Nengi said they have to reduce their closeness and socialize with other housemates but Ozo refused the idea, saying they do socialize with everyone, it’s just the reduced number of housemates that creates little space for them to fraternize and then moreover he enjoys his company.

Nengi didn’t buy his idea as she open conversations and talking loud for people to join their conversation rather than speaking in hush tones and avoiding people from hearing them.


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Apparently, Ozo asked Kiddwaya to excuse him and Nengi so they could have a have conversation. To Nengi, it wasn’t necessary for him to do that but Ozo claim it was the right thing to do since Kiddwaya would have done same in a reversed universe.

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