Erica has told Laycon she cannot be with him for the umpteenth time because she is attracted to Kiddwaya more than him.

It appears Laycon took Brighto’s advice by putting pressure on Erica about his love proposal to him but failed after she burst his bubble saying she wasn’t in the house because of a relationship.

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According to her, she is done with men and would now want to focus on her career. Though she is with Kiddwaya, there is nothing serious but just going with the flow.

Laycon asked if she is attracted to him, she replied: “I’m mentally attracted to you and physically attracted to Kiddwaya“. She pleaded with him to remain the friend she found in him but Laycon said he feels awkward whenever she sees him with Kiddwaya. She promised not to make him see her in such a position but Laycon objected to that saying ‘not possible’.

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He asked her to continue with Kiddwaya and do what makes her happy and that he knows what to do, “Stay away from me”? she asked…

What do you think Laycon is planning to do?

Watch full video below:



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