BBNaija star, Brighto is trying so hard to control the damage caused by Dorathy after the latter revealed that she gave the former a BJ during their time at the BBNaija house.


It could be recalled that one of the major highlights of the recent episode of the BBNaija reunion show was Dorathy confirming that indeed she gave Brighto a BJ.

Trying to control the damage cause, Brighto is now claiming that he got a swollen manh00d after the encounter.

The post he made reads;

“She gave me a blow job, and the next morning I had a swollen D*ck, I gaz japa.”

The post got some reactions and some of the reactions are;

@kepal07 – This whole narrative of men should be gentle men when women misbehave is something the world need to address. No woman will collect half of what these ladies have done so far on the show but Men should be gentle men. Thunder

@VictorIsrael_ – After the information embedded in TERMS AND CONDITIONS, I can beat my chest and say this is the next most useless piece of information ever known to mankind. The Pot you used to turn semo in the big brother’s house is actually Brighter than you are. My Friend will you Getawt!

@Tee_Classiquem1 – Bright you are already vindicated, you dont need to thread this path to prove any point tbvh, women will always be woman, you are a man please act like one, dont sspoil the gentleman game card you already displayed at the reunion, take this down pls

@Mbahdeyforyou – This tweet no make sense broth

@Danny_Walterr – This is so childish. Man grow up!

@weirdo606 – And you’ve just killed the respect you gained after last night

@willunited1 – See how some girls are reacting to this comment, foaming and showing how angry they are but most of them where laughing when Katrina made the 5 seconds comment about praise.
Once this gender is on the receiving end everything changes.

@wbamzyoriginals – With the kind of likeness I have for Brighto, guy you just lost a fan So unnecessary

@blvck_Witch – You don’t even need this. Las las Na the girl I blame. Na she kuku first draw blood. Make everybody getat!

@MMandu10 – Dora Threw Change at em. No issues
Dora Insult D hell outta em. No issues
One Tweet From Brighto. Stop na. E no make sense na.
But, You All Forget Dora Brought Up the said Topic

@Usedabackspace – On behalf of Edo pple we dash you to the Edo State Psychiatric Hospital, Uselu. As a sample for any of their on going research….even if dey dont have any we sha dash you to them.



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