What at all is the world turning into? The youths of today are so obsessed with money that they go to any length to acquire it, notwithstanding the consequences.

In this heartbreaking story coming from Nigeria, a popular video vixen called Vitamin Wendy has died under strange circumstances, only for her last WhatsApp conversation to reveal the source of her death.

The incident happened in Benin City and from the chats she had with her friend, the young beautiful lady revealed that she had a dream whereby she was bleeding and in the same dream, it was revealed to her her that boyfriend had used her for rituals.

Upon waking up, she noticed that she was indeed bleeding through her v*gina which baffled her a lot because according to her, she had had her period already.

Immediately after this, she quickly called her pastor who confirmed to her that her boyfriend had indeed used her for rituals.

Wendy went on to reveal that the pastor told her to have a river bath within 3 days or risk losing her life. However, since there wasn’t any river in Benin City, she decided to go all the way to Lagos to start the ‘purification’ but unfortunately she kicked the bucket.

Even when her friend rebuked and cursed the guy for putting her (Wendy) in that situation, the ‘lover-girl’ asked her friend not scold him because she’s crazy in love with him.

Can you imagine that? Sadly, the power of love couldn’t save her from the cruelty of her boyfriend and death.

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