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Beef ALERT: Kwaku Manu Attacks Lilwin, Invokes God’s Thunder To Strike Him And His Jujuman (+Video)


Two of Kumasi-based finest actors, Lilwin and Kwaku Manu are currently embroiled in a ‘cold war’ following a new song the latter has released together with Top Kay (Lilwin’s alleged juju man) to jab Kumawood stars.

The pair used to be great friends but it’s obvious money and fame has made Lilwin arrogant, something that has been pointed out by Kumawood actors and actresses on numerous occasions.

This time, Lilwin and his personal juju man, disguised as musician (as the rumours go) have released a new track which accuses Kwaku Manu and other Kumawood stars of being jealous of Lilwin.

Kwaku Manu doesn’t seem to be happy with what has been going on and has reacted to it in an equal measure.

In a video, Kwaku asked rhetorically, “And so what if you were there before me, and so what if you traveled before me?”

He then jabbed Top Kay (the alleged juju man) and disputes his claim that a lot of the stars’ lives are in a deplorable state.

“No One’s life is destroyed as you claimed, cry your own end time. You are even hungry, fetish priest-You are hungry.”

He then invoked God’s thunder on his former friend:

“You are singing against Kumawood and do you think, it is only females in Kumawood? You are walking with a fetish priest so you think you are not afraid of anything.It is God’s thunder that’s going to strike you.If God is alive then I don’t believe a fetish priest has more powers.”


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