Beenie Man has mentioned that Popcaan and Aidonia are two of the present Dancehall acts who are doing very well plus Nation boss and Koffee.


The ‘King of the Dancehall’ said this in a fresh interview with Para Dox TV as he talked about the current landscape of dancehall music and how it has evolved.

He also had the chance to talk about a potpourri of mixes incouprated in Dancehall so far. “I do not wrong the kids to do what they’re doing because we do the same thing,” he said.

When asked about some young up-and-coming artists that he actually likes, Beenie Man name-dropped Popcaan, who he called “a friend” and goes on to list a series of artists who are considered to be making conscious music.

His list includes young reggae stars like Grammy-winning artist Koffee, Yaksta and Nation Boss. “These songs are real songs,” Beenie said after quoting a line from the latter’s breakout hit “Humans.”

Beenie Man also offered a priceless advise on how these New School artiste can maintain consistency as an integral part of career growth. “The problem is these artists need to make themselves because if you sing one song and the song fades out and you don’t do a next one then the f**k…”

He continues, “See all the youths dem need fi fawud. Mi respect all a di young artist dem but if you don’t do five years dawg, I cannot put you in my book. That’s why Popcaan a my top artist inna Jamaica right now, him and Aidonia.” Beenie attributed his respect for these two artists to their desire for longevity and caring to stay in the game for five, ten, or even twenty years.



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