Nigerian actress and media personality Nancy Isime has posited that being a Nigerian is truly mentally and physically exhausting.


This comes after heartbreaking photos and videos from the “Lekki massacre memorial” circulated social media. She took to her Instagram to react to the live happenings at the Lekki Toll Gate today, October 20, in Lagos.

She wrote; 

Being Nigerian is honestly So mentally and physically exhausting!
Coming online now and seeing all the heartbreaking videos and photos from the Lekki Massacre Memorial happening today in Lagos is Just 

How on earth did we get here as a Nation?!

In other news, popular Nigerian comedian, Debo Adebayo better known as Mr Macaroni has cautioned Nigerian celebrities against taking bribes from politicians.

In commemoration of the one-year anniversary of the ENDSARS protest, Macaroni urged his fellow Nigerian celebrities to have some compassion for the lives of thousands that are suffering under the harsh economic conditions.

Macaroni made his submission in an Instalive video on his Instagram page. He opined that when celebrities wish to collect bribes from corrupt politicians, he advised them to consider the millions of lives that are being wrecked in the country and rather choose to fight for the masses.

In his words: “If you keep enabling the government by collecting money from them every time, think about millions of lives that your greedy decision will ruin.

“If the government gives you 50 million or 100 million, think about what that money will do for millions of poor masses.

“People are seriously suffering in Nigeria. People are homeless, they don’t even know what their next meal will be. Think about them when you decide to extend your hands to collect bribes from our greedy politicians.

“Nigerian celebrities, stop collecting bribes from these politicians and start lending your voices,”



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