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Beyond The Pulpit, This Is How This Is How These 4 Popular Men Of God Look Like


To put yourself out there or to allow the spirit of God uses you as a vessel to propagate the gospel is no joke brethren. You are expected to live a certain kind of life.

I am safe to say people actually see you as a saint and would judge you on almost anything you do. In today’s world where the gospel is so lost and there has been an influx of all these self-acclaimed men of God, it is difficult if not totally impossible to find one who is in for the real deal.

Nonetheless, some of these pastors have gained the confidence of the people. They are seen as credible and indeed God has called them— through which number we can never tell.

The church is the church, but beyond the walls of the church how do these pastors look. Here are four pastors who look their casual self when they are not behind the pulpit.

Check them out.

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