Founder of ‘Let the Bible and Quran Speak, Sheikh Illyas has stoke the religious flame about which is superior and the only true religion between Christianity and Islam.

According to the scholar, there’s no denying the fact that Islam is only true religion because even the Bible used by Christians has made it clear already.

Sheikh Illyas said so called pastors never preach about it because if they do, the offertory on which they thrive on won’t come again.


He made certain Bible quotations to substantiate his assertion.

1. Zephaniah 3:9

2. Exodus 30:17 which talks about ablution.

3. Numbers 20: 6. 

4.Matthew 26:36-39.  Jesus Christ prayed like a Moslem.

He has therefore challenged Christians and their leaders to prove to him where Jesus said he’s God Almighty and demanded people to worship him as Christians do.



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