Prominent musician and DJ, Black Coffee is in hot waters after NGO Mzansi Act Now headed by Tebogo Lerole brought the DJ’s issues with his ex-wife Enhle Mbali back into the light and has asked relevant authorities to pursue the allegations further.


According to papers filed by Enhle at the Randburg Magistrates Court last week, the DJ and producer, whose real name is Nkosinathi Maphumulo, slapped her on the hand during an altercation at their Sandton home a couple of weeks ago.

Enhle told the court that the incident happened in the presence of her guest who were at her premises for her all-white birthday party.

“Two incidents happened this weekend… Friday and Sunday. On the 5th of March he drove into our home and asked to have a conversation that I agreed to. He was polite until we were alone.

“Nathi asked me why I was throwing a dinner without his permission. I then asked why I needed his permission, and he said because it’s his house. I then told him it’s our home and am puzzled, he then threatened to call the cops to shut it down.

He was at this point shouting… And the guests that had already arrived where (sic) watching. Enhle told the court that the second incident took place on Sunday and “it was more aggresive”.

“… he asked me why I had my hand on the door. I asked if he was being serious (sic). HE started raising his voice. I asked him to stop and he hit my hand and pushed me. He continued on shouting this was his house. I asked him to stop fighting… till he left the premises,” read her application in parts.

“Nathi has hit me before in 2014 and I saw that same look on his face. He’s scaring me as he is becoming irrational. I do have a scratch on my hand from the incident,” she wrote further revealed.

The NGO Mzansi Act has stepped into the issue to make sure the law takes its due course but at this point, it is unclear if Black Coffee has been charged with anything but we are watching the story closely.

See screenshot below:

Mzansi acto now



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