Popular billionaire, Bill Gates has reportedly purchased the world’s first hydrogen-powered superyacht with its worth around $644m. The yacht has a large pool, helipad, spa, and gym.

Per the report made by the Guardian, Bill Gates commissioned the ship which is a 112-meter long vessel that is powered by hydrogen which was designed by a Dutch, Sander Sinot, and was showcased at the Monaco yacht show in 2019.

The ship’s design was created with a kind of technology that will allow it sail well in waters with its inspiration taken from the fluidity of water and the lifestyle of a forward-looking owner.


However, the ship will not be hitting the seas before 2024, but when it does, the ship will travel 3,750 miles before it stops for a refuel.

Additionally, the ship will be running 20mph and it also has a diesel back up because there is presently a scarcity of hydrogen refuelling stations.



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