In a typical grass to grace story, we culled from legit.ng, this story of Ramesh Babu, a barber turned billionaire is punctuated with so much inspiration and we hope it spur you n life no matter what you are facing in life.

Babu started out his barbing business in 1994 with a Maruti van that he got with his savings. Presently, Babu is a billionaire who has over 200 luxury cars of BMW’s, Mercedes’ brands among others in his fleet.

The lowest rent money he gives his car out is is ₹1,000 per day and the highest go for as much as ₹50,000.

This inspirational story of Ramesh Babu who still prefers to cut hair so that he never forgets his humble beginnings, just goes to show that anyone can make it in life, irrespective of their background. On most of the days, Ramesh comes to his workplace driving a Rs 3.1 crore Rolls-Royce Ghost.

He had a challenged road to success and much his early life was spent struggling for survival as he had to battle losing his father at a very tender age of seven. If anybody told Babu he would turn a billionaire by 40 working his way up from the barber shop his father left behind, he would have called it a pipe dream.

Babu said him and his mother after his father’s demise, had to grow on a meal daily, adding that responsibility soon put him into dilemma of choosing between studying or hunting for survival.

The billionaire said that his dream of always wanting to own a car made him purchase the Maruti that he started renting out. What started out as an interest soon ballooned into a multi-million business that is central to his country’s tourism business, since his cars are always used by tourists.

Despite discouraging comments from people when he was starting his rental business, Babu said he went ahead and said he would sell off even if things go worse.

Babu said he had to face so many challenges on the way as an entrepreneur, saying it has not all been a smooth ride.

Information from legit.ng was also used in this report.

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