In the song titled “Love Tap” Eminem’s former D12 band member Bizarre goes ballistic on former Slaughter House Rapper Joe Budden. Joe Budden who was very vocal after Eminem’s surprise album Kamikaze dropped which came with a few diss lines to him has ended up on Bizarre’s bad side after he said in an interview that Eminem should stop talking about D12 since Bizarre wasn’t doing too good”.

The statement has greatly enraged Bizarre who has ties of allegiance to Eminem after siding with him in the Shady-MGK beef which seems to have sunk Cleveland based rapper MGK. Bizarre didn’t leave the shots to just Joe Budden as he asked in a sarcastic way in his new diss song who “Jay Electronica” was. This we know will generate a beef and as a ticking time bomb we can only wait. In this season of beefs and replies starting from our female rap goddesses Nicki and Cardi B to rap gods and rap devils Eminem and MGK, we await the fallout from this new one by former D12 Band member Bizarre.



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