Black Queens midfielder Priscilla Okyere has disclosed her passion and inspiration from watching football superstar Zinedine Zidane played a key role of her becoming a footballer. 

According to her, although the parents disapproved her desire to become professional footballer, passionate Okyere urged other young girls to not give up if they have dreams of becoming footballers.

“I chose football because I had the passion,” the Gintra Universitetas player told “Anytime I was in school and saw the guys play, I just left to play. And I watch Zinedine Zidane so I chose him as my role model even though I am a female,” she added.

“I chose Zidane because anytime I see him play I love it and I see that passion so I also wanted to become like him.”

The Black Queens winger further revealed her father was not in support of her dream of becoming a footballer, but she had to fight all the criticisms to pursue her goals.


“When you are a woman and want to play football, people will criticize you because they think football is for men. In my family, my father was not supportive, my mum was also like 50/50 because if my father didn’t want me to play she can’t push me,” she said.

“What I want to tell every girl out there is we all have our dreams. I chose football and that is my dream, so they can also chose football or any other thing. There is no job that is only learnt for men. So I want to encourage any girl who has chosen football as their careers to never give up,” she concluded.



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