Black Stars defender, Andy Yiadom has also shared his thoughts on the penalty that the Black Stars got in their match against the Bafana Bafana of South Africa played at the Cape Coast Stadium was a soft one.


The player who was on the pitch on that day made this known when he had an interview on World Football on the BBC World Service.

According to him, while on the field, he saw the incident to be a penalty, however, after watching the replay of the match, he realized the penalty was a bit soft.

In his submission, he said;

“When I was on the pitch it looked like it was a penalty, but I have watched it back it was a little bit soft. But it is football and I have had them given against me plenty of times and it is one of those things and it was about actually scoring the penalty which we did.”

Ghanaians have reacted to this submission and here are a few we gathered;

Sketches Kwabena Barcelona – The Banku players always spew rubbish. Your level of play and profile don’t even merit a Division one team not to talk of black stars. What happened to this sentence in our national pledge ‘ i will defend the good name of Ghana, so help me God’.
How can a professional player say this about his country?
If this decision had gone for South Africa, do you think that, any of their players would have granted this kind of interview.
You’re always the weakest link in our black stars team and you’re here spewing gibberish

Nana Osei Tutu – Was the penalty given in the 90th minute? What stopped the south Africans from scoring? Besides is there something call soft penalty? Referee decides if he want to award penalty or not aided by the video assistant referee, in this case there was no VAR so the referee had to make a judgment call. People miss penalties so if we were fortunate to convert ours why the noise

Ekow Hecker Attrams – Truth is sometimes bitter and you’ve said it right. Penalty is not a goal because people miss and we took our chances with it. This is football and sometimes some calls don’t always favor your team

Mann Jang Mann – How could you, a soft touch landed some one on the pitch. The referee was not in your body to determine soft and hard, he only applied the rule as a forced push which caused him to fall on the yard. The penalty rule frown against a forced push so it was a clean penalty. We are not even talking about Suarez and Ghana penalty issue.

Abdul Basit Haruna -Danny Jordan speaking as an opponent/ South African is better than you speaking as a Ghanaian. This should not have come from someone like you. Better learn and keep quiet next time.
It will be wise to see you being expelled from the national Team because what you have done is totally unpatriotic gesture. Shame on to you!!! You better come out and refute that ambush statement revoke it and offer an apology for that. Your own collegue will not forgive forgive you for this not to talk The country’s football fraternity at large.



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