Music producer, Hammer aka The Last Two has apportioned the blame on pastors whilst reacting to the ritual killing of a boy over the weekend.


The internet went up in flames when two teenagers gruesomely murdered a young boy in cold blood in pursuance of money rituals, videos of which surfaced online. Hammer says the fake lifestyles people see on social media have fueled this insatiable desire in a lot of people to acquire wealth which led to the heinous crime the boys committed.

The legendary sound engineer said in as much as Mallams are to be blamed for how widespread this phenomenon has assumed like a lot of fo netizens are saying, peer pressure, fake lifestyles, and above all pastors are contributory agents.

He wrote;

“But on a serious note the peer pressure for a town no be easy oo, I’ve heard the fake Mallams on tv argument but really these alleged Mallams are only filling a void.

They noticed a business opportunity in the wake of this social media excessive showcase of glamour, both fake and real. Hot boys dey town dey push machines their parents could never buy, building houses even top CEOs can’t build.

enjoying and flaunting all this while remaining unemployed. What do u expect? These kids are on Snapchat 24/7 watching reels upon reels of real and fake lifestyles of young ppl.., the point is, ppl are living and these kids want in on the action as well.

So really these so-called Mallams are just businessmen servicing a demand, selling hope just like the church does.

Only these guys promise quicker results… And obviously the desperate and weaker kids are definitely bound to fall victim to these con artists and eventually go do something stupid… just to keep up with the Joneses.

We respect boys them grind and all, but really if you’re in your 20s and you’re unemployed but u possess the wealth of a millionaire, pls move in silence… u dey buy too much pressure for these youth. Some don’t even wanna go to school anymore. The fake Mallams aren’t the issue. Like the Mallam no dey, trust me, boys go still find other avenues to keep up with the joneses.. be it armed robbery or what have you”. Hammer wrote on his Facebook wall.



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