Crossdresser Bobrisky has hit back hard at actress Seun Osigbesan for cursing her over his reason of becoming a woman asking her to keep her name out of her dirty mouth.


Seun Osigbesan reacting to the recent interview of Bobrisky claiming he became a woman because it paves a lot of ways for him and he uses what he has to get what he wants saying it’s disgusting cursing him that the judgment of God will come upon him.

Bobrisky seems not pleased about that hence has gone back on his words of not fighting anyone and mind her business saying he’s not going to sit and take any nonsense talk from her dirty mouth about him.

According to Bobrisky, no one is forcing her to like her or know who she is but she should keep her topic out of her dirty mouth and if she has any opinion about her, she should let it die inside her warning her that never in her life should she post about her on her page because she has finally crossed the line.

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Bobrisky then added that the punishment of her action is dragging her whole life on his page saying he has a larger audience to drag her life there warning her to skip a post about him next time she chances on one else she should be ready to fight her.

Bobrisky seems prepared for Seun Osigbesan waiting for her to reply to his post so that he can hit her back hard again but this time around it’s a warning to her never to post about her on her page or share any opinion she has about him or who he’s trying to be.

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